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Chronoclysm is an action, arcade-style game for PC and Linux from Shane Brandon, aka surger1.

Gameplay Overview[edit | edit source]

Players compete against each other in short cascading battle rounds.

As each round completes the combatants actions are recorded and played out again. Every round contains all past and present combatants in simultaneous combat. Phantoms from previous rounds will perform the same actions as before, so long as they remain active. Players can destroy phantoms by damaging them and in turn prevent damage to their own phantoms ensuring their actions play out again as well.

The players are given a choice between 4 classes. The classes have individual strengths and weaknesses to give a wide range of strategy to weave and reweave the threads of time.

Teams[edit | edit source]

Each player has an opportunity to customize their own teams version of the Knight, Mage, Builder and Ninja. Including different skins and poses for the players teamplate.


Classes[edit | edit source]

Mage good at keeping distance and dealing damage from afar.


Builder with superb movement, environment altering capabilities and master of unusual tactics.


Knight slow lumbering death. Best keep your distance. Able to close the gap in a pinch


Ninja zips around the map on a rope. Damage is increased the closer they get.


Phantoms[edit | edit source]

Each round played cascades forward. Meaning for every single mage, knight, ninja or builder put in play there will be a phantom version of it in all future rounds. Phantoms act a lot like players. They take damage and can be defeated. They have the following additional rules:

  • Can't have additional knockback added
  • Can't score survival points if death was caused by water and no other team was responsible

If a player was killed in a previous round then the phantom can survive if the phantom exists for 1 second more than it would have normally.

Phantoms also survive if they reach the point in the round where they had survived previously.


Health[edit | edit source]

The combatants have health which are indicated as hearts. Health varies by class








Abilities[edit | edit source]

Each class has 2 abilities. These can be used as long as they are not on cool down.

AbilityIcon0000.pngAbilityIcon0001.png AbilityIcon0002.pngAbilityIcon0003.png

AbilityIcon0004.pngAbilityIcon0005.png AbilitiyIco0043.pngAbilitiyIco0046.png

Arena Layout[edit | edit source]

Walls[edit | edit source]

Walls are able to block combatants and projectiles. The mages phase ability is not blocked by walls.


Floor[edit | edit source]

Flooring is the walkable area of the arenas. Any class or object can pass over.


Pits[edit | edit source]

Pits are gaps in the floor where combatants can fall. The builder can use their hammer to construct bridges across pits. Only pits that neighbor floors can have bridges constructed. The builders bombs will also fall into pits. Mages phase can cross pits, Knights can tackle across and ninjas can grapple.


Bridges[edit | edit source]

Bridge.png These act as temporary floors and are made by the builder. If a combatant is standing on one when it fades then they will fall into the pit. Bridges last for 5 seconds. Saving phantoms with bridges will only count if the faller had taken damage just prior to falling.